Pangasius on red list: WWF is incorrect on tra fish, says ministry

It is regrettable that a number of the European World Wild Fund for Nature (WWF) offices have released unobjective, scientifically groundless and impractical assessments on the Vietnamese tra fish, said Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ Spokeswoman Nguyen Phuong Nga yesterday.

In reply to reporters’ questions relating to the WWF red listing of Vietnamese tra fish in the Consumer Guide 2010/2011, Nga said this would seriously hurt the livelihood of Vietnamese aquaculture farmers as well as European consumers and would not benefit the growing economic and commercial relations between Viet Nam and European countries.

“Over the past years, Viet Nam has strictly controlled its aquaculture sector from planning, production and processing, and widely applied highest international standards on aqua-production while meeting food sanitary and safety requirements and protecting the environment in accordance with international criteria. Many of Viet Nam’s high-quality aqua-products have been exported to world markets and enjoyed by international consumers,” she said.

“We ask WWF offices in those countries to remove Vietnamese tra fish from the red list, release the assessment criteria and make judgments that accurately reflect the Vietnamese tra fish production and export,” Nga said.

Viet Nam would welcome WWF experts and facilitate their fact-finding activities in the hope that they would be able to assess the industry accurately.



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