My Thanh Shrimp Association mobilized its members not to use Trifluralin

On 29th October 2010 My Thanh Shrimp Association held the QIII standing meeting to review the shrimp farming season in 2010 and plan for 2011. The meeting participant agreed not to use drug containing Trifuraline in shrimp farming.

Mr. Nguyen Van Nhiem, Chairman of Association asked its standing members for strengthening the mobilization for its members and shrimp farmers to raise their awareness about absolutely not using drugs containing Trifluralin to avoid damages caused by importers. Besides, in the future, the association will have many activities to better coordinate with the Shrimp Committee of VASEP to control the use of banned drugs, chemicals and antibiotics in aquaculture.


On 30th November 2010, My Thanh Shrimp Association organized a seminar with VASEP to reaffirm their will not to use Trifluralin in shrimp farming. My Thanh President and VASEP representative signed a MoU to collaborate on that issue.

During the seminar, key seafood exporters gave their vision of the development of the industry and remind to the 100 participants the importance of food safety for exporting food product. Qualasa Expertise was present and gave few words about the need for transparency in the value chain, transparency that encompass origin of inputs, but also history of the production and destination of the product.



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